24-Hour Film Challenge sparks creativity

The 24-Hour Film Challenge is one of the Markham Teen Arts Council’s signature events, uniting teens across the city to celebrate the art of filmmaking. Groups of all experience levels compete in teams to create a compelling film within a twenty-four hour deadline, and are given a line of dialogue, prop, and sound effect. They are to edit, write and shoot their movie within the tight deadline.

The event will include performances, prizes, refreshments, raffles and more in addition to the viewing.

The kickoff of the 24-Hour Film Challenge will take place on February 22 at 3 p.m. at the Varley Art Gallery Deacon Room.

The screening of the finalist films will be screened on March 16 at 6 p.m. at the Flato Markham Theatre to a live panel of judges and community audience.

The Markham Teen Arts Council, founded in 2008, is the youth division of the Markham Arts Council. It is established and run by enthusiastic and creative teens across the city. The team organizes events and work to promote artistic youth in the GTA, aiming to foster and promote a dynamic local arts environment by providing advocacy and support through events and activities to the region’s teen artists and performers.

For teens eager to participate, they are encouraged to signup at bit.ly/24hSignup.


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