Local nominee for 2018 Male Traditional Vocalist for Nashville Josie Awards is thrilled

York Region’s Wolfe Milestone is ecstatic after receiving the recent news that he is a nominee for the 2018 Male Traditional Vocalist for the Nashville Josie Awards.

“This is a dream come true,” said Milestone when asked about being named a nominee.

Growing up in a small town north of Toronto, called Holland Landing, he first heard the sweet sounds of music played on the piano by his mother. He and his four siblings would gather around and accompany their mom with vocals as she played.

He later grew up learning the guitar but found a passion in the bass and the rest is history. After playing in a lot of basements with a lot of different styled players, he set out for the rock club circuit. As much as he enjoyed the music and audiences he knew there was something missing in what he was feeling inside.

The timing must have been right for him when a friend introduced him to country music, a sound he hadn’t heard since his childhood. Milestone then knew what he really wanted from music.

Over the years of playing in different bands, he was constantly searching for that perfect combination. Being frustrated he started writing his own material.

Knowing there was still some pieces needed to fill the puzzle, he met a songwriter named Waylon Wes Lane. Together their words and music blended together perfectly. Now another piece of the puzzle was completed. After 20 years Milestone and Lane are still putting songs together.

He signed a record deal with Echota Records from Atlanta Georgia USA earlier this year.

Photo: Wolfe Milestone is named a nominee for the 2018 Male Traditional Vocalist for the Nashville Josie Awards.





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