The building located two doors east of O’Neil’s Funeral Home is now known as the Way Cool Tattoo parlour. This structure has adapted to many changes over the long history of the property. As we travel back to the early days of the Village of Stouffville. Archiblad Samuel Leaney had a General Store here.

The shape of the store looks like a previous renovation had added a box to the front of the original building. However, this may not be true. We now have just received a photo of the store back before the turn of the century. It is called “A. S. Leaney’s General Store”. One can see the projection even back then. The awning from the storefront gives character to the street. The upper balcony had turned posts on the second floor; it also had turned spindles for the railing. The signage had that western flat look, large and bold.

Leaney was born in May 2, 1856 in Stouffville.He lived his entire life on Main St. He was the son of an Irish merchant William Leaney. William had helped to establish the early Christ Church being one of the first wardens for the Anglican Church in the village of Stouffville.

Mr. Leaney Sr. was also on the first council back in 1877.

The younger Leaney (Archie) was educated at Uxbridge High School and Toronto Business College. He was active in municipal and church affairs. He served on the village council and as a school trustee. In the church he had duties being a Warden for Christ Church.

In politics, he was a Conservative. He was well informed on public matters, as he was quite a reader.

He was married to Mary Albertina Von Buseck in Stouffville on Sept. 1, 1881. They would have been 25 and 21 respectively. They later had a daughter Jessie Aileen born March 21, 1886.

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