Athlete transitions from football to bobsleigh star

Orion Edwards began refining his craft as a defensive back at Newmarket High School. However, it was upon receiving a scholarship to play football at the University of Guelph that his game began to take off.

The undersized cornerback worked his way up the depth chart to start for the Gryphons for many games in his first year in 2013. He turned enough heads to be named to the All-rookie team.

Despite taking a seat on the bench a little more frequently in his second season, the Newmarket native continued to improve. He was a key member on the Gryphons team that won the Yates Cup in 2015, and in 2016 he was invited to the U Sports East-West Bowl.

While playing in the Canadian university all-star game is usually an opportunity to impress CFL coaches, Edwards took a turn for the worst and tore his ACL. By the CFL draft of 2017, Edwards was still recovering from injury. He dialogued with the Ottawa Red Blacks the night of the draft, but as expected, he went undrafted.

With one more eligible year at the University of Guelph, Edwards turned in what he would consider his best season on the gridiron that fall.

Then in 2018, he moved to Seattle to help mentor other Christian athletes with the campus ministry, Athletes in Action.

It was around this time that he got a call from the Toronto Argonauts to come to their training camp. Albeit, while initially still determined to crack the CFL, Edwards resolved to pass up the opportunity in order to fulfill his commitment in the north-east US city.

During his time south of the border, Edwards developed an interest for a new sport: bobsleigh. Upon further research, his athletic abilities coupled with his drive made him the perfect candidate to take up the exhilarating winter sport.

Today, Edwards is brakeman for the Team Canada Skeleton team.

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