Best friends cycling across Canada to raise awareness and funds for MS

Best friends Marc Boyer and Yvon Jackson have been riding across Canada to raise funds and awareness for multiple sclerosis. So far they have ridden over 4000 km; they have a fundraising goal of $100K and they have raised $86K. They took a break in Vaughan to attend a celebratory BBQ in their honour.

“I work for Spicers Canada and report to their president Cory Turner who has MS,” explained Marc, pictured below with Cory. He also added that Yvon has a family connection to the disease.

With Cory’s help, Marc and Yvon were able to secure sponsors and create BBQ events at most of the Spicers locations. In some cities they created “Ride a Leg” where if people raised $350 they could ride with Marc and Yvon, and if they raised $500 they received a cycling jersey.

“Wherever we stopped in our big red RV, people asked what it was all about, so our awareness objective was fulfilled. We have been getting a lot of donations; recently a gentleman stopped to ask about our story and the next day he donated $1000. We couldn’t believe it.”

You can follow along with the rest of Marc and Yvon’s cycling trip here:

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