Celebrate Canada Day with country’s first virtual drone show

More than 90 drones take flight to form animated images in the night sky in the country’s first virtual drone show as part of Markham’s day-long virtual Canada Day celebrations.

“This year, we are doing things differently but in true Markham style, we are celebrating in a big way,” Mayor Frank Scarpitti says. “This one-of-a-kind show is another innovative way to show our pride and love for this country, all while staying safe and still connected as one, united community – Canada’s most diverse community.”

The city worked with North Star Drone Shows to storyboard, design, program and film the video. The show was designed using 3D modelling software. Each drone was programmed using algorithms for accurate positioning and altitude to ensure when each would collectively contribute to creating each specific pattern in the sky.

“North Star is proud to offer drone light shows as of this year and we’re thrilled the City of Markham is the first in Canada to use this new entertainment medium virtually,” says Jeff Clarmo, CEO, North Star Fireworks Entertainment. “These shows will no doubt continue taking the entertainment industry by storm and we look forward to showcasing a glimpse of Markham through this unique and exciting show.”

Four cameras were used to film the video, including a drone camera for aerial shots. Each of the drones were individually programmed to fly a different flight path at a pre-determined speed, and each one communicated with ground control and a network of satellites.

Markham will share the virtual drone show online on July 1 at markham.ca/CanadaDay. The city will also mark the 40th anniversary of Canada’s national anthem with the release of a montage of community members singing ‘O Canada’ featuring audio and video clips submitted by Markham families, friends and familiar faces.

The city encourages community members to light up their homes, balconies or businesses in red and white lights, or decorate themselves, their families and/or their pets in Canada Day attire. Share your photos using the hashtag #MkmCanadaDay.

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