Every day at Markham Stouffville Hospital we see our nurses providing excellent patient care and going above and beyond the call of duty. It’s about connecting with patients, helping them feel comfortable and welcome, and providing the care patients need. “It is important to recognize all their hard work and dedication, and during Nursing Week we want to say ‘thank you’ for all they do,” said Jo-anne Marr, President and CEO

The hospital has so many exceptional nurses, and many of them are willing to go above and beyond to help even when they are off duty. This is the case for Rosemary (Rose) Cameirao, who dropped everything to help someone when she was doing routine shopping at Costco.

On June 4, 2016, Cameirao was just like every other shopper at Costco rushing through the aisles except when she used her skills, training and quick thinking to save a life.

When you hear someone shout “Call 911” and you’re a nurse, your instincts kick in and you’re doing everything you’ve been trained to do – even if you are not an emergency responder.

As a registered nurse at Markham Stouffville Hospital’s (MSH’s) paediatric clinic and inpatient unit, and NICU, she supports and cares for the youngest patients – from newborns to 18 years old. She is amazing with the patients and their families, including new moms who have been discharged after giving birth. She is extremely patient and conscientious always making time to listen to all their concerns despite a busy schedule.

She used the same care and emotional support she uses at MSH for a 67 year old woman named Mary who choked on a hot dog at Costco that day in June. Mary was lifeless when Cameiro went to her – she performed CPR three times and the hotdog popped out. Mary immediately came to and was breathing. She then continued to comfort Mary and her husband, Joseph until EMS took them to the Emergency Department at MSH.

Despite all of this happening on her day off, Rose literally went the extra mile and picked them up at MSH when Mary’s care was complete to bring them back to Costco to get their car. She also helped with the incident report at Costco and even asked for their money back on the hotdog. Costco management did much more than that – they paid for the ambulance and all their groceries – Rose even got a free chicken.

Shoppers and staff at Costco saw this amazing side of Rose for a few minutes.  Her colleagues and the families she cares for at MSH see this side of her every day when she comes into work.  Rose makes sure that everyone is taken care of and provides emotional support and reassurances to all involved.

She has been at MSH since the day it opened 27 years ago – she embodies MSH’s philosophy that patient care is at the centre of everything they do.

“We are proud of Rose and all our nurses at MSH and all they do for our patients and our community every day,” added Barbara Steed, EVP, Patient Services and Chief Practice Officer

Remember to take the time and thank a nurse whenever you have the chance, but especially during Nurses Week which takes place May 8 to 14.

Story written by Carla Peacock, Senior Communications Specialist

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