Community collaboration in Richmond Hill plants 1250 trees

This year brought an environmental partnership between the Town of Richmond Hill and LEAF (Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests) to engage the community and increase urban canopy cover. Through five different events during the spring and fall of 2018,  over 1250 trees and shrubs were planted to enhance Richmond Hill’s urban forest.

Planting participants included Girl Guides, businesses, and the general public, and trees were planted at Sussex Park, Bridgeview Cordone Park (on multiple occasions), and along the Beaver Creek Greenway in Richmond Hill.

For each event, LEAF employed a multi-step approach to ensure the success and longevity of the newly naturalized habitats. First, prior to planting, LEAF’s arborist conducted site visits to identify soil and sunlight conditions. Based on this site visit, planting “zones” and selected species were selected that would thrive in each zone.

On the day of planting, LEAF staff and volunteers offered planting demonstrations and instructions on how to properly plant and mulch, as well offering tips and answering questions to participants as they planted.

LEAF and the town saw the project as a huge success, offering an experience that was both educational and impactful, and look forward to building on it in 2019.

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