Hospice Vaughan is excited to announce the launch of the Cook Your Heart Out challenge, for the love of Vaughan.

Inspired by a sense of community during these trying times, Hospice Vaughan wants to connect with you. COVID-19 may be keeping people apart, but the Hospice Vaughan Virtual Cooking Challenge will show that we’re a strong and supportive community—even when we are not together.

It’s never been more important to ensure that Hospice Vaughan clients, their loved ones, caregivers and the community have access to the essential compassionate care they need. Caring for those living with life limiting illness while supporting those navigating grief during these difficult times is Hospice Vaughan’s top priority and it cannot be done without the support of the community. With your support, Hospice Vaughan can keep providing the programs and services the community needs, free of charge. Your community needs your support more than ever.

“Adjusting to these new times at home – food, love and traditions warms our hearts and souls. This cooking challenge is a great community builder and a way to raise some much needed funds for Hospice Vaughan. Our devoted volunteers and staff continue to provide supports and I’m so grateful that our hearts for hospice care packages that include essential drop offs of food, medication, items that promote mental health and more are making a difference. I am so grateful to have time to cook and enjoy meals with my own family during this pandemic and I hope you are doing the same and cooking up some delicious recipes, sharing memories and love,” said Belinda Marchese, executive director of Hospice Vaughan.

This virtual event is fun for the entire family and is an opportunity to explore your foodie side, reconnect with old family recipes and share your love through food. Participants will have the opportunity to share recipes, access to the recipe blog, and receive a virtual cookbook after the event.

For more information, visit www.hospicevaughan.com/lovevaughan.

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