I made a point recently to stop in to the Stouffville Florist shop now located on the north side of Main Street at 6280.

I received a warm and friendly welcome from Kim Everson, the current owner. As I waited for my turn (spaced properly), the front windows caught my eye. She certainly has a talent for display windows.

“It’s the most beautiful display on Main St,” people often said in 1984 when Everson first started doing the window displays.

At the time, the business was located at what was 6 Main St. W., now known as 6343 Main St. The florist shop was previously called Hudson’s Florist and was previously owned by Grahame W. Hudson who purchased the property on Sept. 14, 1965, for about $15,500.

Renovations were undertaken in November of 1971. During this time period, the store was closed. However, the shipping room at the rear would continue to be operated as usual until renovations were completed. The store was then sold to Allen and Kimberly Everson on November 2, 1984, for $85,000. Grahame and Kay Hudson retired to reside in Goodwood.

As Everson directed her attention to me, we began to chat about her time on Main St. over the years including the former location that I was especially interested in. The flower shop has a long history on Main St. covering 170 years. But that is another story for later.

I had a strange item photographed that was a wire rack or holder from days gone by. Everson lit up and knew right away what it was.

“This is a gates of heaven,” she said.

I was totally surprised. My thoughts were it was a display for hardware or tools. Upon coming home I did check it out. The gates of heaven were used by florists that would tie and fasten flowers around the frame and leave the “gates” open. This is the kind of knowledge you can get from the shops in downtown Stouffville.

This year, Everson is pleased with her window and hopes admirers on the outside will soon be admirers on the inside, if just to say a friendly hello.

As I stepped outside the store, I noticed that the one Christmas tree in the display was loaded with cardinals and gifts. It reminded me of years past when I would walk down Main St. during the Christmas rush and purchase my gifts from the local shops and stores. Back then the owners would also ask if you would like it wrapped. I would return back along the same route in reverse and pick up my items all wrapped in ribbons and bows.

The Christmas window display at Stouffville Florist Shop is one to entertain and delight neighbours and friends during this year’s holiday season. I hope you’ll stop by the shops of Main Street and I hope your Christmas is filled with joy and happiness.



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