‘Economic vitality’ among goals in strategic plan

The road map that promises to get York Region from where it is today to where it wants to be in four years has been given the green light.

York Regional Council has approved the 2019 to 2023 Strategic Plan: From Vision to Results, which outlines the Region’s commitment to making progress in four priority areas.

Economic Vitality focuses on what’s needed to encourage and sustain the Region’s economic growth and vitality. Key activities include a marketing plan to showcase York as a place for business and improving connections for travellers to GO Transit, bus rapid transit and regional bus routes.

Healthy Communities focuses on livability, health, safety and social well-being of residents. Key activities include advocating for long-term care beds and working with York Regional Police and stakeholders to support development of a Mental Health and Addictions Crisis Hub.

Sustainable Environment focuses on the need to protect and sustain the natural and built environment and reduce our ecological impact. Goals include encouraging growth in the Region’s centres, corridors and built-up urban areas while also enhancing and preserving green space.

Finally, Good Government focuses on the financial sustainability, openness, accessibility, transparency, accountability and reliability of Regional government and its related programs and services. Objectives include ensuring reliable, responsive, effective, efficient and fiscally-responsible service delivery.

The plan is a ‘living document’ that will be monitored and reported to Council on an annual basis to help ensure the Region is moving toward its long-range plan, Vision 2051. The plan was developed in collaboration with staff from all departments and boards, including York Region Rapid Transit, YorkNet and Housing York Inc.

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