Feeding warriors on the COVID-19 battlefront

The war on COVID-19 has been a long and tough one.

Cracks in the healthcare system have started to show, but community support for frontline workers has not wavered as they do battle every day, often for little pay and with great personal risk.

Alex Yuan, Mark Mateer and MPP Logan Kanapathi load up Swiss Chalt dinners ready for MSH workers to eat.

While reports of loss and struggle often dominate the headlines, there are also many, often unnoticed, acts of kindness and generosity that help support the community.

They include drive-by cheers at group homes and senior homes, homemade signs of support on trees and road-front windows, and in one recent case, the delivery of 120 hot and ready-to-eat Swiss Chalet dinners to the loading docks of Markham Stouffville Hospital to feed the frontline troops.

“Our extremely dedicated and compassionate healthcare workers are on the front-lines of this pandemic, risking their health and safety to take care of our community,” MPP Logan Kanapathi said. “We decided to say thank you by donating 120 hot meals to the Markham Stouffville Hospital Staff.”

Local businessmen Alex Yuan, Swiss Chalet local franchise owner Jit Bhamra, Sahir Jamal and Mark Mateer pitched in to donate and deliver the meals donation which was organized by Kanapathi’s office. Jamal also added on another 50 vouchers for free meals to be used when needed by staff at the hospital.

Kanapathi was effusive in his praise of these men.

“I have never called these guys for anything where they haven’t come through,” he said. “They are community leaders. I am very grateful to know them and it makes me incredibly proud to be part of a community that steps up during this time of need and takes care of one another.”

Staff seemed suitably impressed as well, drawn to the loading dock by the smell of lunch ready to be eaten before finishing their shifts.


Main photo: Jit Bhamra, manager of the Swiss Chalet at 14th and Markham Rd., helps deliver 120 dinners for staff of Markham Stouffville Hospital, with MPP Logan Kanapathi and businessman Sahir Jamal.

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