Fentanyl deaths among Crime Stoppers themes

Crime Stoppers of York Region announced, at a press conference on Jan. 22, this year’s theme includes laser-light attacks on aircrafts and the growing opioid and fentanyl epidemic.

Laser light attacks on aircraft represent a significant threat to the safety of pilots, crew and passengers because they cause distractions or temporary blindness to the pilot during a critical phase of flight, such as landing or takeoff.

Meanwhile, the number of opioid and fentanyl deaths remains a concern in communities across the country, including York Region. Crime Stoppers works to create awareness and mobilize Canadians in reporting suspicious or criminal activity, anonymously.

Crime Stoppers, a three-way partnership between the community, police and media, uses an anonymous tipster system and cash rewards to help solve crimes. It has proven itself an effective and cost-efficient program in fighting crime around the world and its expansion to schools has been instrumental in reducing criminal activity and violence among youth.

More than 3,100 arrests have been made and 8,200 charges laid since Crime Stoppers of York Region’s founding in 1986. Also, more than $141 million of property and illegal drugs have also been seized. For more information, contact the Crime Stoppers police coordinator, Sergeant Adam Stock at [email protected] or call 905-830-0303, ext. 6767.


Crime Stoppers of York Region held a press conference to announce themes of Crime Stoppers Month. Another picture shows the dangerous impact of laser lights on aircraft. Photos courtesy of Crime Stoppers of York Region. 

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