Fentanyl seizure largest in York’s history

Health Canada has identified more fentanyl in the seizure of more than $3 million worth of drugs in Vaughan in August, making it the largest fentanyl seizure in York Region to date.

York Regional Police (YRP) submitted bags of an unidentified white powder they initially believed was cocaine to Health Canada for analysis following the seizure. The powders had different appearances, textures and colours. Health Canada found the bags all contained fentanyl and in total weighed 1.2 kilograms.

YRP is issuing a reminder about the dangers associated with the recreational use of illegal drugs, especially fentanyl, an opioid-based painkiller about 100 times stronger than morphine. It can have many different appearances and can be laced into other drugs.

Fentanyl is extremely potent and there’s no way a user can determine the substance’s concentration. Numerous deaths across North America have been attributed to fentanyl, which YRP says should only be used when prescribed by a medical doctor.

Two days after arresting a suspect carrying more than three kilograms of cocaine in front of a home on Zenith Avenue on August 2, YRP executed a search warrant at the home. They found cocaine, marijuana, heroin, ecstasy pills, methamphetamine, fentanyl and liquid ketamine, as well as cocaine presses, logo plates and packaging materials.

Lee Nguyen, 26, of Toronto, was charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking. Dat Nguyen, 25, of Vaughan was charged with production of a controlled substance. Anne Lu, 32, also of Vaughan, was charged with possession of proceeds of crime.


Image from York Regional Police.

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