Four innovative Richmond Hill companies are changing the world

Richmond Hill’s 2019 Innovator of the Year awards were recently presented to four companies – Amico, Edsby, iSIGN Media and Opus One Solutions – all of whom are making a local and global impact with their technological advancements.

The Amico Corporation engineers and manufactures products for medical settings, to aid in both clinical workflow and patient satisfaction. Their innovative NuLook Wall solutions can change the look and functionality of any hospital room without the cost and disruption of traditional construction projects.

The Edsby team has been building award-winning education software for over thirty years. Edsby created a new digital learning and analytics platform for K-12 organizations and was selected by the New Zealand Ministry of Education as the foundation for electronic student records across the entire country.

Publicly-traded iSIGN Media, a data-driven Software as a Service company, is a pioneer in the field of Proximity Marketing and personal Security Alert Messaging to mobile phones. iSign’s Security Alert Messaging allows users to quickly and effectively distribute urgent information in a time of crisis.

Software engineering and solutions company Opus One Solutions is a cleantech innovator. In 2018, Opus One Solutions opened the world’s first transactive energy market in New York, providing economic opportunities to utilities, incentivizing the use of sustainable energy and helping keep electricity systems reliable.


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