MOTUS O Dance Theatre continues to venture where few (if any) dance companies have gone before, joining in an exciting partnership with the local Markham Fair. The Markham Fair is one of Canada’s oldest country fairs, an annual event established in 1844 and hosted by the Markham and East York Agricultural Society. This community based collaborative approach continues with MOTUS O who will create and perform an original production – From HAND TO PLOW. They will present this original piece several times each day of the fair (Sept. 29-Oct.2) starting at 10am in their round tent; a tent venue that was specially made for the event. The 15-minute mixed-media dance/theatre production may seem short in length, but it is long in content. In HAND TO PLOW we discover how humans have moved from primitive farming by hand to the discovery of mechanisms that now allow our sophisticated machinery to yield acres and acres of crop that would have never been imaginable in the stone age.  All these great discoveries and the transitions through time will be danced in rhythm and spoken in rhyme, Com-bining various arts mediums to present the fantastical development of farm machinery.

MOTUS O dance theatre began in 1990 in Stouffville, Ontario.  Under the artistic direction of James Croker, Cynthia Croker and Jack Langenhuizen they have created over a hundred short dance/theatre works for both adults and children. MOTUS O has toured and taught throughout Canada, the South Seas, the USA and Great Britain performing for over 25,000 people annually.  The company has received numerous commissioning’s from such organizations as The Royal Conservatory of Music, The University of New Brunswick, the Hannaford Street Silver Band and Port Dover Theatre.  MOTUS O is known for their physical inventiveness, lighting quick action, grace, raw energy and humour – all trademarks of their unique style.

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