Kindergarten students at Our Lady of the Annunciation CES read many books together last fall that were themed on the virtue of compassion.

One of the books, Lily and the Paper Man by Rebecca Upjohn is about a little girl who donated clothes to a man who is homeless, living outside her family’s apartment building. When Mrs. Pianezza, the students teacher, asked her students how they can show compassion to others, one student suggested that they can give “hats to the poor people.” This became the catalyst of a faith-in-action class project that saw the Kindergarten students knit hats to give to people experiencing homelessness.

The students had a daily opportunity to each knit a row of a hat on a knitting loom. Students also wrote messages of hope on the outside of envelopes that the hats were later packaged in.

The youth team at St. Jane Frances Church distributed the Kindergarteners’ hats and the kindergarten students hope they have brought warmth to people in need this winter.

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