Highlights of April Aurora Town Council Meeting

Council approves staff position to implement the Sports Plan

Aurora Town Council approved a new, 24-month contract position to implement the Town’s Sport Plan. The position, as recommended in the Sport Plan, will be formally added to the Town’s official staffing compliment as part of the 2020 budget process. The Sport Plan was completed and approved by Council in late 2015 and contains 22 recommendations to be implemented over a five-year period.

Backflow Prevention Program

Council approved the development of a Backflow Prevention Program (BFPP) for all industrial, commercial and multi-residential facilities. Water can backflow from the private side into the Municipal Drinking Water System, potentially causing adverse effects. By implementing the BFPP the Town will be taking measures to ensure that its drinking water system is protected from possible contamination due to cross connections. The BFPP is a critical component of the drinking water operations to ensuring the safety of the drinking water supply and public health. The Town will reach out to facilities in the community that require the installation of backflow prevention devices and educate them on the program.

Changes to the Zoning Bylaw for the old Canadian Tire location on Yonge Street

Aurora Town Council approved a zoning bylaw amendment permitting additional commercial uses on the property of the Canadian Tire location that has been vacant since 2016. The current zoning only allows for a retail store selling home products, automotive supplies, and sport and leisure products within a single building. The owner plans to subdivide the existing building and lease to commercial tenants and develop the northeast corner to include a restaurant with a drive-through.

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