Highlights of Aurora Town Council Meeting of Tuesday, October 22

Follow are highlights of the Aurora Town Council meeting held October 22;

Library Square Veil – Council approved the final veil design for the addition to 22 Church Street. The veil is a large visual architectural feature that is important to the overall image of the project and supports the historic nature of the Church Street School.

Motor Vehicle Collision Cost Recovery – Central York Fire Services – Aurora Town Council received a report from the Joint Council Committee regarding the implementation of a 24-month Motor Vehicle Collision Cost Recovery Pilot Program for residents of Aurora. The program would see at-fault drivers of collisions invoiced by Central York Fire Services for the cost of their response to the call.

Community Engagement Policy – Aurora Town Council approved a Community Engagement Policy which provides a framework and guidelines for Town communications and community engagement efforts. The policy will provide a more consistent approach to community engagement and will offer a clearer understanding of community engagement efforts to manage resident expectations.

Helping Urban Pollinators – Council directed staff to locate a space for a dedicated garden filled with milkweed and flowers in order to encourage pollination, including bees and butterflies. Children from Hartman Public School will provide staff with research they conducted regarding the plight of the monarch butterflies and how natural habitats can help urban pollinators.


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