Highlights of Aurora Town Council Meeting Tuesday June 11

​Council recently proposed the following amendments to the zoning bylaw and asked that the bylaw be presented at a future council meeting for enactment.

  • Maximum lot coverage of 35% or 235m2 for a dwelling with an incorporated garage, whichever is less;
  • Maximum lot coverage of 40% or 215m2 for a dwelling with a detached garage;
  • Maximum Gross Floor Area of 370m2
  • Rear yard setback of 7.5 metres or 25% of the total lot depth, whichever is greater;
  • Integral garages flush with, or set back from, the Main Front Wall of the dwelling;
  • Sideyard setback of 3.0 metres beyond the rear main wall of the adjacent dwelling.

Council also directed staff to exempt lots fronting on Royal Road, between Cameron Avenue and Edward Street, from the maximum building footprint provision for one-storey homes.

Aurora Town Council approved $20,000 for the resurfacing of the tennis court at David English Park. This includes cleaning the existing surface, re-application of colour material, filling and repairing of minor cracks, levelling minor low spots where water stands, replacing tennis equipment and posts, and retying loose segments of fence.

Council agreed to submit a request for funding to the Regional Municipality of York for funding under the Municipal Streetscape Partnership Program for $150,000 for one-third of the cost of streetscape enhancements to the trail at St. John’s Sideroad and Yonge Street known as the Kwik Kopy Trail.

Aurora Town Council approved a motion requesting the speed limit on John West Way be reduced from 50 km per hour to 40 km per hour to match all residential streets in the Town of Aurora.

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