Ice conditions ‘unpredictable,’ police warn

Parents are urged to keep children away from shorelines, riverbanks and ponds as ice conditions on Lake Simcoe and surrounding waterways remain “unpredictable” and present a “clear danger.”

The York Regional Police (YRP) Marine Unit is reminding all residents about the importance of staying safe near lakes and waterways during early-season ice formation.

Lake Simcoe and surrounding waterways still have large sections of open water and as ice begins to form, it’s still relatively thin. Sections of ice may appear to be snow covered and stable but ice conditions can vary dramatically even with a small space and may pose serious risk.

You’re urged to consider consulting with local ice fishing huts for the latest conditions, as they perform ice-thickness checks daily. “Remember, no ice is ever completely safe,” YRP reminds in a statement. “Any individual enjoying recreational activities near a body of water must make a personal decision to do so, realizing that there is a degree of risk associated with this choice.

“It is crucial that individuals take individual responsibility in evaluating the quality of ice.” For more information and safety tips, contact the Marine Unit at 1-866-876-5423, ext. 7321 or visit the YRP website at


A Jan. 2 photo of Lake Simcoe shows inconsistent ice formation. Image courtesy of York Regional Police.

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