Inclusion Charter to help ‘create, sustain’ inclusive communities

Following three rounds of community consultations, York Regional Council has given the Inclusion Charter for York Region its stamp of approval.

“When people feel welcome in their community and workplace it can enhance social interactions, increase business performance and encourage a stronger sense of self-worth,” said York Region Chairman and CEO Wayne Emmerson. “The Inclusion Charter sets the foundation for us to do even more to create and sustain welcoming and inclusive communities.”

The Charter was developed in collaboration with the Municipal Diversity and Inclusion Group (MDIG) and the Community Partnership Council (CPC). Consultations with more than 1,800 residents and organizations were also conducted throughout its development. It’s based on a practice model recognized by the United Nations Institute and Research that can be used by communities around the world to become more inclusive.

York Region is one of the fastest growing and most diverse communities in Canada. As of the 2016 Census, 1.2 million people called York Region home – 49 per cent of whom identified themselves as a visible minority in 2016 and 46 per cent of whom were born outside of Canada. The region includes people who speak more than 120 different languages and come from 230 distinct ethnic origins.

“The Inclusion Charter for York Region will help promote positive changes within our increasingly diverse community,” says Town of Newmarket Regional Councillor John Taylor, Chair of Community and Health Services. “The Region’s diversity is a source of great strength and vitality and presents opportunities for economic growth.”

To date, 11 MDIG partners have endorsed their own customized version of the Inclusion Charter. Partners include businesses, community organizations and agencies, municipalities, police services, hospitals, school boards and conservation authorities. Through endorsement, participating organizations commit to taking action to achieve its vision in their organization and in the community. For more information on the Inclusion Charter for York Region, visit

York Region photo. 

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