Latcham exhibit finds beauty in destruction

The Amended Landscape exhibit is not your typical exhibit in that it is not about nature’s beauty – or is it?

A collection of works by five prominent artists including Edward Burtynski, one of Canada’s most admired photographers, takes a critical eye to landscapes that have been altered by man. From tailing ponds to burnt forest and discards from the manufacturing process, there is an eerie beauty to the works presented.

The realization that the damaged land can provide such a rich base for art is also unsettling, but there is no worship of destruction here. Merely an opportunity to reflect on what we have done and how we can improve perhaps. Eve Gane, Marco Francisco, Shavon Madden and Moira Ness round out the contributors to the exhibit bringing their own perspectives and mediums to bear on the subject.

The exhibit begins on July 6, which is also the date for a special opening reception at 7pm. However, the presentation will be available throughout the summer until August 26 at the Gallery at 6240 Main St.

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