Local paramedics exceed response time targets

Final results from the 2018 Paramedic Response Time Performance Plan show that York Region Paramedic Services is continuing to exceed targets despite a 6.1 per cent increase in demand.

Targets for emergency medical response times are legislated by the province and set annually by York Regional Council. The performance plan outlines acceptable response time between when a call is made to 9-1-1 and when paramedics arrive at an emergency.

York Region Paramedics exceeded response time targets for sudden cardiac arrests thanks in part to the support from local municipal fire services. Response time for sudden cardiac arrest is measured based on the arrival of any person who can provide defibrillation (CPR or AED).

In 2018, York Region Paramedic Services responded to 83,204 incidents, up from 78,407 incidents in 2017. Since 2001, the demand for paramedic services has increased 89 per cent compared to a 64 per cent increase in population over the same period. An aging population and an overall increase in population growth have contributed to the increased demand.

Photo: York Region Paramedic services exceed response time targets despite more calls.

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