Stouffville-based indie folk singer-songwriter Harrison Caldeira weaves tales of love and loss in his new EP Closer.

Written over the course of a year whilst travelling abroad, Caldeira yielded to a solitude that enabled him to tap into an emotional vulnerability and open-heartedness that’s often lacking in popular music. The result? A melodic blend of subtle harmonies and airy vocals to complement Caldeira’s evocative lyrics. Closer is personal and reflective, embodying this solo artist’s restless determination to bring his songwriting to life. Citing artists like John Mayer, Bon Iver, and Coldplay as major influences in his music, Caldeira continues to challenge himself by writing new and diverse material almost every day.

This month has been busy as I’m in the process of preparing for this EP! I’ve been writing quite a bit and recording plenty demo material. I’m heading to Nashville on the 27th to record with Chris Mara and Chris Grainger for this follow-up EP.

“For me, it’s about consistency with my craft. I’m always on the edge of learning something new and exciting: whether that be exercises in songwriting, learning new instruments or expanding my musical palate. For example, I’ve recently been drawing inspiration from Earth, Wind and Fire, Peter Gabriel, Prince and The Commodores. I would say that half the appeal of writing music is learning new things you can do by exploring what has been done already. You then can see where you can push your artistry further. When that happens, you’re suddenly on a high note,” says Caldeira.

He is planning on doing a full release and radio campaign to gain more sync licenses in September.

Visit to hear Harrison’s single “Higher”.

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