Long history for a short street

The avenue named Pine St. has a long history for a very short street. It first appeared on a map, from surveyor George McPhillips, in December 1852. The original width was laid out as half a chain (33 feet), running south off Main St.

The southwest corner of Pine and Main Streets was the location of the Baptist Church built, circa 1874. The land was donated by Abraham Stouffer and the property included space for the driving sheds, which were on the west side. It was likely shortly after this the house was added to the lot, circa 1877.

The fire map of 1910 shows both the church on the north portion of the lot and the house on the rear part, farther down the street. The home at 16 Pine St. has a lot of history. It could be said it’s an old house for the oldest citizen of the Village of Stouffville.

Mr. Daniel Miller purchased the lot from Abraham Stouffer for $100 in November 1890. The home may have been built before this and just rented out. Miller’s family lived here, wife Isabella Badgerow, her daughter Bessie and his daughter Elizabeth.

The frame structure was a farm-style vernacular one-and-a-half story home. It has six rooms. The upper story porch looks like a western or early built style used on hotels. When you view the front from the street it has the look of an early cabin but much taller. The main entrance is lower to the street which indicates an early-built time as well.

Mr. Miller was the youngest in his family of 14 children. He was born on June 27, 1846, on the 8th Concession of Markham Township, the site of the old blacksmith shop just north of Wideman Church. His father, Jacob Miller came to Markham in 1804 from Connecticut. Daniel was a farmer for a short while, then came to this Stouffville house in 1877 while working as a labourer. The 1881 census shows Daniel living in town and working as a labourer. His daughter, Elizabeth, was 15 at the time.

The 1921 census says he worked doing odd jobs, even at the age of 75. When he celebrated his 91st birthday in 1937, Daniel Miller was the oldest man in town, still living in the same place as when he first arrived in Stouffville.

Photo: 16 Pine Street, part of Lot 4 Block “C” Plan 51.

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