York Regional Police is launching its 2019 summer impaired driving campaign Safe Roads: Your Call.

Police have consistent and ongoing efforts to stop impaired driving on York Region roads through enforcement and education, but the greatest impact in improving road safety comes from the partnership of citizens and road users in York Region.

Safe Roads: Your Call encourages citizens to call 9-1-1 if they suspect an impaired driver. Police say they always consider these incidents a life-threatening crime in progress and will continue to respond to these calls.

More than 5,000 people call 9-1-1 to report impaired driving each year. So far in 2019, more than 1,000calls to 9-1-1 have helped to safely remove impaired drivers from our roads, which has led to more than 600 impaired-related criminal charges being laid.

These 9-1-1 calls have come in to Police from many different sources, from others motorists, pedestrians, drive-thru employees, gas station attendants, liquor store employees, neighbours, family and friends calling in to prevent potentially devastating situations.

A video located here is one example of a concerned citizen who called 9-1-1 after witnessing dangerous signs of an impaired driver. This citizen followed the driver at a safe distance until officers successfully located and stopped the vehicle. The video can be found here:

It should also be made clear to all those who choose to drive while impaired by drugs or alcohol that it is not only police officers who are watching for impaired drivers, citizens also refuse to tolerate this behaviour. Impaired drivers should expect to be seen and to be caught.

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