Mini golf center celebrates 25 years

What draws visitors to Timber Creek Mini Golf and Family Fun Centre? Of course, the family friendly environment. People come to enjoy a fun afternoon, as well as two amazing miniature golf courses. The unique themes are what make each course so special. Set in the outdoors the courses themselves take you on two wonderful adventures.

The first is a logging camp set in a pine forest, equipped with a mill and plenty of running water. The second, a shipwreck placed in a canyon with waterfalls and an abandoned mineshaft. Both courses are beautifully landscaped and offer a fun variety for different visits, which brings people back to play. In addition, the batting cages, driving range, gemstone mining, and inflatables are all available to fill an afternoon of fun.

“Watching people come and enjoy themselves, I get a real sense of accomplishment. When running a business in the small town of Stouffville, drawing visitors from across the GTA and as far as Toronto and Barrie mean the world to me,” said owner Lois Reesor.
“Attracting people from all over, we see new faces walk through our front doors daily, as well as our devoted regulars.”
Timber Creek Golf has been a favourite of the Stouffville community since 1993. “When we started this business all those years ago it was only a dream that we could ever be as successful and beloved as we are today.”

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