Murder mystery dinner party supports local hospice

CASE FILE #4164992185 – We need a detective on this case right away!

Mr. Angus Black has been murdered somewhere in his sprawling mansion.

Because of his unscrupulous dealings with family, friends and colleagues, the list of suspects is very long. We’ve narrowed it down to six people. It might be Miss Peacock with the candlestick, or perhaps it’s Professor Plum with the rope. They all have the means and motive to commit the crime.

Evergreen’s, An Evening of Fun, Frivolity and Murder, is being held at the home of Mr. Black. Even though his character was questionable, he knew what an asset Evergreen Hospice was to his community.

Evergreen works diligently to help people who are dealing with a life-threatening illness by providing support programs geared towards their personal needs. This non-profit organization also offers programs and support to people coping with grief.

It is your job, should you agree, to discover who committed the murder, where they did it and what weapon they used. There will be clues scattered all over the mansion. Did it happen in the Casino and Games Lounge or, perhaps, the Silent Auction Library?

There will be live music and dancing in the Ballroom, but don’t let that distract you. If you are able to name the killer, you will receive a chance to win some amazing prizes.

An Evening of Fun, Frivolity and Murder takes place Thursday, March 26 at Mr. Black’s mansion aka the Angus Glen Golf Club. The mystery starts as soon as you step through the door.

At 6 p.m., cocktails and appetizers will be served. Enjoy them, but keep an eye on the staff. Be wary of the signature drink, A Whiff of Poison. It may be an evening of fun and frivolity, but it will also be an evening of MURDER.

For more information, call 416-499-2185 or purchase tickets online at

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