November is Fall Prevention Month – are you at risk of falling?

In York Region, the population of older adults is growing. It is expected that one in five people will be 65 years or older by the year 2031. 

Falls are a serious issue for older adults as:

  • Over one third of older adults are admitted to long-term care following hospitalization for a fall (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2015)
  • In one year, falls result in over 100,000 emergency department visits, over 20,000 hospital admissions, $1 billion in direct costs, and more than 2,000 lives lost in Ontario (York Region Seniors Strategy, 2016)
  • The number of fall-related emergency visits by York Region older adults has doubled since 2004 (Parachute, Electronic Resource Allocation Tool, ERAT, 2010)

Falls are the main reason older adults lose their independence. The more risk factors a person has, the greater their chances are of falling. The risk of having a fall can be reduced by being physically active, eating healthy, staying socially connected, being safe with medications, and maintaining a safe home environment. 

Are you at risk of falling? The fallrisk self-assessment tool is a great way to find out an individual’s risk of falling.

For more information on Fall Prevention Month, visit

For more information and resources on falls and healthy ageing, visit or Central Healthline – Fall Prevention Resources at

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