Bausch Health Companies Inc. in Canada is supporting the cause of healthy weight management by participating in World Obesity Day, which is observed globally on October 11 to promote practical solutions to end the global obesity crisis.

On the upcoming World Obesity Day, Bausch Health employees from across the country will hold events to raise awareness of healthy weight management. Activities include a walk organized in Vaughan, with additional activities being conducted by field staff across the country. Close to 1000 employees of Bausch are invited to participate in the events.

“Obesity is on the rise in Canada, from 14 per cent of Canadians in 1978 to approximately 64 per cent in 2017[i], which is highly concerning,” says Richard Lajoie, President, Canada, Bausch Health. “World Obesity Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of a holistic approach to weight management and obesity, including diet, exercise and, where appropriate, prescription weight management products. At Bausch Health Companies Inc. in Canada, we are focused on the health of Canadians, and we are proud to be a part of this important initiative.”

Obesity-related comorbidities include diabetes, hypertension and cancer, which cause significant health impact on patients. Obesity has been classified as a chronic disease by The World Health Organization (WHO) and Canadian Medical Association (CMA).

“The legacy of the 165 history of Bausch + Lomb’s contribution to health lives on through the activities of Bausch + Lomb employees today,” says Lorenzo Santini, Vice President, Bausch + Lomb, Canadian operations. “Each step employees take to raise awareness of the urgent need to improve supports for people managing obesity raises the volume on and effectiveness of this movement.”

Bausch launched a holistic approach to weight management and obesity with an innovative new treatment this year. “We care about our employees and their families and encourage a healthy lifestyle to allow people to achieve their best health” says Brigitte Carriere, Vice President, Human Resources, Bausch Health, Canada.

“Obesity is a chronic disease that requires support and a plan for patients to manage the disease and to live without discrimination or stigma,” says Ximena Ramos-Sala, Managing Director, Obesity Canada. “This World Obesity Day, we invite Canadians to become more aware of the stigma associated with obesity and how to advocate for the supports that individuals with obesity need to live healthy lives.”

For more information on obesity, please visit Obesity Canada’s website at




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