Permit parking a solution to parking issues?

 The Town of Whitchurch‐Stouffville will be implementing a permit parking program in its downtown parking lots and residential areas starting July.

Whitchurch‐Stouffville Council approved the initiative recently after staff completed a comprehensive On‐Street Residential and Commercial Parking Study earlier this year. The study identified a number of short‐term and long‐term solutions to parking issues, including the implementation of a parking permit program and new signage.

“We are looking forward to implementing a few of the needs identified in the study immediately,” said Tamara Carlson, Manager of Customer Service and project lead. “The permit parking program is a positive step towards alleviating some of the parking issues that residents and businesses have been facing for an extended period of time.”

A section in each of the Town’s downtown parking lots will be designated as permit parking spots and signed as such, according to Carlson. Permits will be offered and sold to downtown businesses and commercial building owners.

These parking lots include those at 6240 Main Street, 8 Park Drive in Memorial

Park and the parking lot behind 6294 Main Street.

The Downtown Parking Permit Program is a pilot project launch under some guidelines:

       Permits be available on a first come, first serve basis;

       Permit is only valid at the location to which it is issued;

       Vehicles must only park in the designated areas;

       A maximum of two plates can be issued for each permit;

       A permit cannot be purchased for a period longer than 6 months;

       The permit holder must provide change in vehicle/plate information within 24hrs of change to the Town and pay an administrative charge to complete changes and have a new permit issued;

       Valid plate number and vehicle description must be provided to obtain permit;

       Permit holder must sign indemnification of the bottom of the form;

       Commercial vehicles not permitted – the vehicle need to be able to fit in a single spot;

       Town issued permits will be laminated and clearly indicate the plate number(s) associated with the permit and be provided within 72hours of payment and approval;

       Permits are non‐transferrable and non‐refundable.

Permits for downtown parking will be available for purchase from $30 for a week or $200 for a month. Permits for parking in residential areas can be purchased for one or three days or a weekend running from $10 – $25

“The temporary residential permits will be available year round and the Customer Service Centre staff will monitor the number of permits purchased by street.” Carlson said.

The permit program will run on a cost recovery basis and the fees charged are in‐ line with neighbouring York Region municipalities, according to Carlson. The revenue will assist the Town in recovering the cost of additional staffing required to run the program and provide customer service to Town residents and businesses, she said.

As this is a pilot project, Carlson encourages feedback from residents and business owners, as it will assist in the process of establishing a permanent Comprehensive Parking Program. This Program will encompass new parking software which will also allow for online payments for all resident and business parking needs.

Staff are working to erect permit parking signs in the newly designated permit parking areas. Any additional wayfinding signage within the downtown will be addressed by staff and brought forward for the 2017 budgeting process, and work will be completed in the spring and summer of 2017.

Cutline: Part of what the Town’s comprehensive parking study will deliver, in addition to permit parking is new signage to replace the confusing array of current sign types, some of which look worse than this newer one outside Latcham Gallery.


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