Property taxes to increase with $3.2-billion budget  

Get ready to fork out another $95 in municipal taxes. The average residential property bill will increase by about that much after York Regional Council approved a $3.2-billion budget.

The first in the four-year budget coinciding with the current term of Council, it includes a net tax levy increase of 2.96 per cent plus an additional one per cent Roads Acceleration Reserve for a combined 3.95 per cent tax increase for 2019.

Highlights include hiring an additional 45 York Regional Police (YRP) officers and eight civilian staff to help deal with cannabis legalization, while also addressing overall needs associated with workload and growth. Twelve new paramedics will also be hired.

The budget covers the planning and design of the Yonge Subway Extension into Richmond Hill/Langstaff Centre, continuing the full build-out of YorkNet’s fibre network and extending coverage into the Region’s underserved areas, and topping up the Community Investment Fund by $850,000 to increase stability to community agencies working with low- to moderate-income residents.

The $2.3-billion operating budget includes $621 million for Environmental Services, $462 million for Transportation Services and $368 million for YRP. The $867-million capital budget, meanwhile, includes $206 million for transit, $156 million for water and wastewater, $95 million for Community and Health Services, and $81 million for Property Services.

The budget includes an outlook for the remaining three years of this Council term with an annual tax levy increase of 2.96 per cent from 2020 to 2022, which is includes contributions to the Roads Capital Acceleration Reserve. To learn more, visit

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