Region meeting most key performance measures

Increasing the percentage of solid waste diverted from landfill is one example of how York Region made “significant progress” in the last year of its four-year strategic plan.

According to the 2015 to 2019 Strategic Plan Final Year 4 (2018) Progress Report, 85 per cent of the key performance measures were trending in the desired direction in last year.

Since 2014, business engagements with targeted business sectors increased 12 per cent, the percentage of solid waste diverted from landfill increased nine per cent and the number of services available online rose from seven to 28.

Seven out of 45 of the performance measures’ current baseline trends, meanwhile, failed to trend in the desired direction. Those include number of households receiving housing assistance, number of mental health crisis calls to 9-1-1- and number of transit ridership per capita.

“The strategic plan demonstrates a strong collaborative effort across the organization,” says York Region Chairman and CEO Wayne Emmerson. “Through annual progress reports, York Region has kept stakeholders and residents informed of our progress on the strategic plan and our commitment to the goals outlined in our longer-term plan of Vision 2051.”

Among other things, Vision 2051 describes a York Region that has a resilient natural environment and agricultural system, has appropriate housing for all ages and stages, has an innovation economy, has interconnected systems for mobility and promotes living sustainably.

York Region’s 2019 to 2023 Strategic Plan – From Vision to Results, which was approved by Regional Council on Feb. 28, outlines four areas of focus: economic vitality, healthy communities, sustainable environment and good government. It will be tracked, measured and reported throughout this term of Council to ensure objectives are met, the Region assures.

Photo courtesy of York Region. 

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