Regional development charges generate over $431 million

York Regional Council received a report outlining development activities for 2018. Responding to 1,194 applications, development activity reached its highest level in 2018 and overall trends indicate it will remain strong in 2019.

The 1,194 development applications York Region responded to 2018 include: 62 Official Plan Amendment (OPA) applications; 103 subdivision or condominium applications with conditions of approval; 69 subdivision or condominium applications with clearance of residential units for registration; 125 site plan application approvals; and 63 Engineering approvals.

Last year, development charges collected through the approval of applications generated over $431 million, representing a 15 per cent increase from 2017.

These fees, collected in accordance with Regional Bylaw No. 2010-15, directly support growing our regional transit system, building roads and maintaining current transportation assets to provide an efficient transportation network.

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