Residents reminded to follow parking by-laws

The Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville is reminding residents and business owners that parking restrictions and by-laws are still in full effect.

Now that the warm weather is here, and in combination with the recent COVID-19 pandemic where residents are spending more time at home enjoying family walks on town streets, residential roadways have become busier than normal. The town reminds residents to take safety into account when parking and walking in their neighbourhood.

“Our top priority is the safety of our residents,” says Teresa Hector, Whitchurch-Stouffville Supervisor of Municipal Law Enforcement. “Unlawful parking can create unsafe situations for many people, including families, children, joggers, cyclists and other drivers. This has certainly been more of an issue with the recent pandemic, where people are enjoying our neighbourhoods more frequently than normal.”

There is a three-hour limit for on-street parking year-round in Whitchurch-Stouffville. Vehicles violating the town’s parking By-Law may be ticketed, with fines beginning at $35.

“The three-hour parking limit also applies to construction vehicles,” Hector stresses. “We have many new development projects going on in town and when large construction vehicles or the workers park on the street, traffic flow is impeded, and safety is jeopardized.”

Residents are asked to contact the town’s Customer Service Centre if you have a parking complaint or concern.

Residents wishing to park for longer than three hours on a street, including overnight, may download a parking permit from the town’s website at Residents requiring parking for guests, driveway repairs, and overnight guests may obtain a free parking exemption from the town for up to 12 times a year per license plate.

Parking on both sides of the streets restricts access for emergency vehicles, Hector says.

“Please do not park directly opposite a vehicle that is already parked on the road,” he says. “It is very difficult and sometimes not possible to get our emergency vehicles through cars parked this way on our residential streets.”

He also stresses that now that deck, landscaping and pool construction season is here, residents and contractors require encroachment permits if they need access to a street for building material. Permits are available at

“We want our neighbourhoods to be as safe as possible, and we would appreciate everyone’s cooperation,” Hector says.

Further information about parking by-laws, parking permits and encroachments can be found on the town’s website

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