Seneca “pinning” gives flight to new careers

Usually, it takes a few years for a career to really take off. But for a group of go-getters from Seneca College in Markham, it is literally the case right from the first day. That’s because the group that attended the annual graduation, or “pinning” as it is called, are 250 students from the Flight Services Program – a unique and popular diploma program offered by the college.

The Seneca Wing pin is also another unique twist on the boring old piece of paper most get. But the grateful grads already knew they were flying into interesting waters anyway.

Business School dean Mary Vaughan provided words of support and confidence in the new class’s abilities as they start their journey towards a flight services profession. “You have been educated by the best of the best. They’re also your biggest champions and advocates,” she said of the staff of the program as festivities began in earnest.


Photo: Newly graduated Flight Services grads test their wings at their recent graduation.

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