The Oscars come to 19 on the Park        

April is Oscars month at 19 on the Park in Stouffivlle.  The best of the Oscar winners, and most talked about nominees will be on the big screen.

Which film has been nominated for over 260 different film festival awards, and won 145 of them including an Oscar?  None other than The Favourite, featuring Oliva Colman, Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone.  In this early 18th century English film, a frail Queen Anne (played by Colman, who won an Oscar for the role) occupies the throne and relies on her friend Lady Sarah (Weisz) as a confidante and playmate.  Lady Sarah might also be the only one who will put up with the moody and increasingly ill Queen, until Abigail (Stone) arrives on the scene becoming the new favourite.

No run of Oscar films would be complete without the Motion Picture of the Year winner, Green Book, which took home two additional Oscars for Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor.  This 1960s story of Tony Lip (played by Viggo Mortensen) who is hired to drive world-class pianist on a concert tour through the Deep South.  The pianist happens to be black, so the pair rely on “The Green Book” to locate the few and far between places that are considered ‘safe’ for an African-American musician to play.  While fraught with danger, the pair also find unexpected humour and humanity as they set out on this epic journey.

Also playing from the Oscar reel is Glen Close’s The Wife about a woman who sacrifices her own talent to support her husbands ambitions.  At Eternity’s Gate investigates the life of Vincent Van Gogh.  For the young film lover in your life we are screening Mary Poppins Returns and Racetime.  Each film plays two weeks in a row – so check out screening times at

Photo: The Favourite, featuring Oliva Colman, Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone screens in April at Nineteen on the Park.


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