Toss your litter, recycling and compost in the proper bins

The City of Markham is reminding residents that they are responsible for properly disposing of their household garbage and their pet waste at their home.

Deliberately dumping household garbage, masks, gloves or wipes in parks, public spaces, parking lots and private property or along the roadside is illegal. Pursuant to the Keeping Markham Beautiful By-law 2017-27 : No person shall dump or deposit on any grounds or parks within the city any household waste or waste material. A first conviction can carry a fine up to $50,000 and could be higher upon any subsequent convictions.

Improper disposal of single-use masks, gloves and wipes presents a direct health and safety risk to you, the community and the workers who have to pick them up. Put them in the garbage. They are also harmful to the environment, as well as pets and wildlife and put our friends and family at risk.

If you are not sure whether certain items belong in the blue bin, green bin, garbage or compost, then you can use the City of Markham’s “What Goes Where” search tool on the Access Markham mobile app or on the You can also get your collection schedule online or sign up for personalized collection reminders and alerts.


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