The Regional Municipality of York is launching a new campaign that celebrates the region and those who call it home.

“York Region is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Canada,” said Wayne Emmerson, York Region chairman and CEO. “We are responsible for providing 14 core services from transit and courts to paramedic services and water. This campaign aims to share information about our programs and services and how they positively impact the lives of residents each and every day.”

York Region has grown rapidly, from 166,060 residents in 1971 to more than 1.2 million today. The campaign aims to enhance municipal government literacy and further unite the rapidly-growing and diverse community. Inspiring the community to share in the content creation through the hashtag #LOVEYR, the campaign encourages York Region residents, visitors and businesses to share stories and images that reflect why they love York Region and why it is the best place to live, work and play.

Officials say showcasing dynamic, informative and unique content alongside the region’s newly updated brand will generate additional excitement and create a holistic campaign that speaks to the passionate, inclusive and diverse community that York Region stands for.

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