Yellow Brick House launches on-line teaching tool for the post-secondary school settings!

Yellow Brick House is excited to launch a new free online training course called “Empowering You and Your Campus”.  Empowering You and Your Campus was designed by experts in the field of abuse and domestic violence to provide post-secondary students, faculty, staff, and interested community members with the knowledge, tools and resources to confidently facilitate meaningful discussions about the topic of abuse and healthy relationships.

The Empowering You and Your Campus course teaches important information about dating violence, consent, legal terms and laws, how to identify abuse, “get help” strategies and “how to support a survivor”. Additionally, the course provides an overview of Ontario University and College’s sexual assault response protocol responsibilities. The entire course takes on average of 90 minutes to complete.

Empowering You and Your Campus course was created as an additional training resource together with “Foundations for Youth” and “Understanding Unhealthy Relationships”. These are Yellow Brick House’s previously launched free online training courses designed for elementary and high school educators, parents and youth leaders.  All three training resources were created with generous funding from Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Previous year’s feedback about the content of the courses has been overwhelmingly positive.  We heard from teachers that they learned a great deal of information about how to talk with youth and teenagers about safe and healthy relationships.   The latest course has more interactive pieces and provides more information about relationships in general, and ways to create safe campuses and communities for everyone. That’s why we called it “Empowering You and Your Campus,” reports Marie Lang, Manager, Direct Services and Public Education, Yellow Brick House.

The Empowering You and Your Campus free online training is available at:

About Domestic Abuse in York Region and Yellow Brick House

Yellow Brick House is York Region’s largest provider of services to women and children experiencing violence and abuse supporting over 5,500 women and children each year. Since our doors opened 40 years ago, Yellow Brick House has not seen a decrease in the prevalence of domestic abuse. Today, in our community 1 in 4 women are experiencing abuse. It is through Yellow Brick House’s Public Education program and free online training courses that we will continue to raise awareness about abuse and healthy relationships with today’s youth so that we can work to end domestic abuse.

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