York Farm Fresh Guide directs residents to sources of healthy eating

The York Farm Fresh Guide is now available and serves as a guide to finding locally grown and produced farm fresh products across York Region. It lists more than 30 farms, eight farmers’ markets and 26 food-related events.

Inside, you will find a seasonal availability guide to keep up-to-date on what fruits and vegetables are in season. Not only is local food fresher and better for the environment, but when you eat local, you support the more than 700 farms that call York Region home. Maps are available at member farms, farmers’ markets and local municipal offices. A digital version can be downloaded from yorkfarmfresh.com

York Farm Fresh is renewing last year’s Passport to Fresh content that encourages consumers to visit as many of the farms on the map as possible for a chance to win a fantastic Thanksgiving Harvest Basket ($250 value). With every farm you visit, you’ll get your “passport” stamped. For every five farms you visit you get an entry. If you visit all 33 farms you get ten entries with an even greater chance to win. Monthly winners will be announced in July, August and September. The grand prize winner will be announced on October 7, 2019. The passport is available in the York Farm Fresh 2019 Guide Map or online at yorkfarmfresh.com

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