York Region ‘prepared’ for emergency or disaster

The simulation of a F1 tornado touching down here was among the exercises York Region undertook last year to meet annual emergency compliance regulations and to ensure its staff is prepared in the event of an emergency.

“York Region consistently meets the annual regulatory compliance for our internal Emergency Management Program while collaborating with our local cities and towns to provide necessary training and tools,” says York Region Chairman and CEO Wayne Emmerson. “Being prepared and knowing what to do in advance of an emergency allows us to better protect the health and well-being of our residents and communities.”

All municipalities must develop and maintain an Emergency Management Program and an Emergency Response Plan, identify critical infrastructure, conduct training and exercises, and promote public awareness.

The Region updated the York Region Emergency Preparedness Guide and hosted Emergency Preparedness Week activities and a community open house. As outlined in the Emergency Management Program Annual Compliance Review, it also facilitated Emergency Management public education, workshops and training and education conferences.

The Region also teamed up with York Regional Police and the nine local cities and towns to complete the annual Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment, which identified winter weather, electrical energy outage, tornado, infectious disease, extreme heat, flood and cyber attack as top hazards.

“We continue to work together to support our communities in the event of an emergency,” says City of Richmond Hill Mayor David Barrow, Chair of Finance and Administration. “Residents can also do their part by preparing a personal emergency plan and 72-hour emergency kit.”

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